Why become three locations?

Did you know that there are over 100,000 unchurched people in DeSoto County? At CH, we deeply desire to reach the next several generations of this area for Jesus, and we believe that we can better financially and logistically position ourselves to reach Southaven in the coming years by selling our current building and creating new locations.

Where will our new campuses be located?

We do not yet know precisely where we’ll “land” on the west and east sides of the county. Because leasing is more available and affordable on the west side than other places in the county, we hope to find lease space there where we can keep a semi-permanent facility for our services and ongoing compassion ministries (Backpack, community mission projects, etc.).

We plan to look at portable options for the campus on the east side of Southaven, like a school, movie theater, or community center, which will allow us to establish a presence in the heart of the community, likely around the Getwell Road corridor.

What will we call our new campuses?

We will still be Colonial Hills Church! We are currently CH Southaven and CH Hernando.  The names of each campus will be determined at a later date.

Why sell the Southaven facilities?

Our Southaven campus was built in the mid-90s when megachurch models were effectively gathering people from all over the region in which they were located. As careful observers of the changing times, we decided in 2012 to pursue a more effective model of ministry by becoming a multi-site church. As our model changed, so did our facility needs for Southaven.

Additionally, because current overhead of our Southaven Campus continues to be burdensome, the best stewardship of our financial resources would be to get into smaller, more efficient facilities.

What are the overhead savings we can expect when we sell?

We estimate that savings will amount between $300,000-$400,000.

What is the process for selling our Southaven Campus?

To protect against misunderstanding from the community that we still deeply desire to serve, we will not be putting a “For Sale” sign on the property. Instead, we’ll secure a realtor to help find a potential buyer, and in alignment with our church bylaws, we will bring any offer before the church body for a vote. It may take 12-18 months to sell the building and about 3 months to finalize a sale, though we can negotiate how long we need to stay in the building after it sells in order to give us enough time to move.

Does this mean building a new facility?

Potentially, but not right away. We believe the church is a movement of Jesus, not a monument to maintain, so we are open to whatever direction he reveals as we persevere in ministry. Our Hernando campus was successful in reaching people while meeting in a portable location. We desire to be adaptable, faithful stewards of our resources. We’re praying through several short and long term solutions for our future Southaven homes.

How will we pay for the resources we need for two campuses?

Because our Hernando campus was recently a mobile campus out of Hernando Middle School, God has already provided most of the equipment and supplies we need for a portable campus. Additionally, once we sell our 51 campus, we’ll be able to use that gear and resources on other campuses.

How many people do we hope to start with at each new campus?

Church planting experts say churches need around 200 people to successfully start a new campus. We have enough people for two core groups of over 250 people! This is a wonderful opportunity for every member to personally invest in the church by serving and investing faithfully as we establish our new strategic locations.

What will “church” look like between now and selling the 51 campus?

We’ll continue services at our 51 campus, but we’ll intentionally begin to build core teams for the two new campuses. In each region, we’ll start Life Groups and commission them to purposefully establish relationships with their neighbors in order to open doors of ministry. Additionally, we’ll hold service events to help us establish our presence in each place. Be on the lookout for future communications about these Life Groups and service events, as well as the time frame for the launch of our two new campuses.

How can I help?

First, you can pray! We need you to bring this before the Lord, asking him to do what only he can do as we obey him and fulfill our calling. Second, you can serve. Once plans are finalized, we’d love for you to be a part of the service events we’ll conduct in each area. Though you’re welcome to serve at every event, it’s most important for you to serve where you intend to attend after launch. Third, you can invite your friends and neighbors. Don’t hesitate to bring them with you now! If they live out east, this will allow them to experience CH before we move closer. If they live near us now, they will see that we are deeply committed to continued investment in their community.


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